Spanish tutor

Hi I would like to teach my mother tongue to all the people who wanted to know it.

I also want to speak in italian and japanese

my skype: albertocruzgenga

hi, i like Spanish especially pronouncation in spanish. i would like to speak and write in spanish fluently. i started to study . but i should say, my level is “beginner 1” i know only to say " come esta" bien , muy bien… grcias, mocho gusto…:slight_smile:

Hi Alberto,
What is the time you are usually available?

Hi edwin im ussualy avaliable all the days of the week from 5:00 to 9:00 pm time of Chile, sorry but I don`t know the diference of hours with canada.

add me on skype

if somebody is still looking for a spanish tutor ,here i am!
soy Salvador,aqui va mi contacto skype :saverave
I’m also available for italian,german and portuguese
hasta pronto

hello, If is there somebody interesed on someone who speak spanish with, so here I am I can help you.

bueno gatto soy aqui puedes enseñarme?

Yo también enseño español.