Spanish R

I have problems rolling r in Spanish I can’t make the sound is it possible to learn to make it by hearing it a lot spoken by native speakers it has stopped me from learning Spanish in the past

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’ve never really managed to master the rolled rs, although after a few beers I can get closer to it. There are plenty of youtube videos around to help you practice and you can learn, but I’m not sure whether just listening to native speakers will magically give you a rolled R (it hasn’t worked for me!!).

Don’t let it stop you from learning Spanish, I have no problem being understood. Just make sure you don’t pronounce Spanish Rs like English Rs (ie. with the teeth). In my experience this is much worse than not rolling your Rs.

I learned the Spanish R’s by watching several YouTube videos, then practiced a lot. I am not great but have become ‘Unconscious Competent’ at it, so that I don’t even think about it anymore. I recommend the following video: spanish R's - YouTube

The same idea is explained in Russian. Don’t worry, just watch the video, I guess it’s clear without any translatoin.

I don’t think it can be a problem ro speak or to be understood if you pronounce 1-2 sounds differently than the most of the native speakers.
Just forget about it and continue learning your target language.

Hi, we are a brazilian couple. I am an English teacher and my boyfriend is a spanish teacher. I could help you both in stablishing a link. For him it is important to procide developing spanish and also learn a little bit of english. He speak the mexican variation but as we are in the border with Uruguay he can help you with the accent and differences among variations. Our skipe is “andersonmartinspe”