Spanish private lessons

I would very much like, now that I’ve learned a sizable amount of Spanish on Lingq, to offer at my high school private Spanish lessons to whom is interested.

Now, I would like my students (if there will be any) to learn the same way I did, namely with podcasts & internet & books, basically the LingQ method. I want them to be independent and not afraid of grammar. I want them to learn in a modern environment.

The problem is that the LingQ method, in my opinion, is scarcely applicable to private face-to-face lessons. Why would one want to pay me, however little, when all there is to do can be done independently? (buy a book, listen to a podcast, etc.)

Now I was thinking of adding a bit of “added value” to my own lessons. I have some Spanish books to spare, I could offer them as a gift, but really no more ideas come to my mind.

There are basically two ways of operating

a) thinking of ways to add value to my private lessons (help me!)

b) acknowledge that the internet has hit deadly the market for live, physical language lessons, in which case I’ll gladfully put aside this project of mine and continue my language learning.

What’s your opinion?

Thanks in advance

The role of the teacher has to change in my view. The role of the teacher is not that of dispensing wisdom or secrets about the language. The teacher has to encourage, advise, provide feedback and coach the learner. This can be done face to face or online. Face to face is more time consuming because of travel time, but it is more effective.

I think that you should assign lessons in LingQ, at least at the beginning. Learners should be required to do the LingQ tasks and to save a specific number of LingQs. They should print their saved vocab lists for discussion in class. Initially the discussion can be in their native language but after 2-3 months should be in the target language.

Eventually the classroom should largely be a place for discussion, built around the lesson content and the saved words and phrases, and entirely in the target language. Assignments, I mean writing assignments can be reviewed individually via LingQ or in the classroom, face to face, if the learners are not paying members.

In order to avoid having the learners having to pay, you could have them use one common account where they would pay. This eliminates some of the advantages of LingQ but you can them print common word lists for review in class, or have them review common flash card lists.

Just some ideas to get started, let me know how thing work out.

I’ll try to suggest them LingQ Steve, but I’m not expecting much.

It could turn out that students show up for the first time and then no more, due to independent learning (LingQ), which anyway is what I want them to do.

In that case, I’ll at least pass them my referral so that I gain something.

If not, all the better, I would be glad to continuosly offer them feedback & encouragement

Still looking for other ideas!

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