Spanish or Portuguese?

People who learn Portuguese usually do it because they are interested in Portugal or Brazil, not Angola or Timor Leste. Plus, Portuguese spoken in the former African colonies (+ Timor) is European Portuguese. They have their own accent of course, local words, but it’s European Portuguese. Same as French spoken in Africa is “European French”, not French from Quebec.

In a few decades / centuries things will be different.

It’s usually easier because they speak more slowly and don’t tend to eat words up as much as Portuguese people do.

Açoriano is special indeed ^^
Fortunately they don’t all speak like that as they explain here: O sotaque dos Açores / Luís Filipe Borges / 5 Para a Meia Noite - YouTube

Well for a foreigner having it right when speaking takes some time, believe me. These little things always are a bit difficult when speaking, and can be frustrating, because even if you know the rule, you don’t have time to think or correct yourself.

Je pense que vous doit penser sur quel langue le motive plus. tous les obstacles seront facilement surmontés

la radio et la musique m’aident beaucoup

If it’s honestly a toss-up between the two, go with Spanish. They probably both will be easier, especially with your French work, but maybe Spanish a little more so. I think you’ll probably find better material and it’ll give you more gravitas in the US.