Spanish Moovies

Hi, everyone, I am looking for a website from which I could watch moovies in spanish version in streaming.

Do you know where I could find that? = Spanish movies. = Spanish TV.

There’s also Youtube. For example, if you want something funny, type in “gracioso”, if you want to watch an interview, type in “entrevista con …”.

Gracias James.
DO you know which series are famous in Spain?

Soy tu dueña is very popular. I don’t know about any others though. I haven’t really watched a lot of Spanish TV.

(Sorry, didn’t finish what I wanted to say. Didn’t make sense anyway)


Soy tu dueña is South American (I’ve just watched a bit in youtube) it didn’t sound familiar to me.

Spanish series I like Doctor Mateo and Gran Reserva (stil running and very popular). Lex and El Comisario (finished a few years ago, but very popular and very good). You can find them all in seriesyonkis.

There is a very good miniseries I loved, it’s called “Desaparecida”


I just watched a bit on YouTube as well, ‘Soy tu dueña’ reminds me of Bold and the Beautiful.

Those are not series, they are soap operas, aren’t they?. I find them dreadful.

Even the Spanish ones (from Spain) like Amar en tiempos revueltos or some others that I can’t remember their name now.

Another show that I really liked is Cuestión de Sexo. I also like Redes.

Yes, I can’t watch the soap operas and believe me, I have tried, as sometimes that was all that was available on tv locally.

Cecile, these RTVE documentaries by Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente are delightful, I’ve watched them all:

adalbertolito is right, those documentaries are just great!

Hola todos,
Gracias a todos, Tengo muchas pelicolas a ver ahora.

@ Cecile

I made some lessons a while ago on my Spanish learning process. One of them was a list of resources I used to learn it. Here it is:

I’m also a fan of “Robin Food: Atracòn a mano armada”, where superb chef David de Jorge cooks fantastic recipes with a style all of his own. He also has a very humorous blog, I read it through Google Reader and it’s a great way to have a laugh

Thanks Adalbertolito,
The link doesn’t work.

Cecile, here is the original link

this link works only for you!!
the collections-link works for all.

Thanks for the notification, Jolanda. Here is the collection link. The lesson I’m writing about is the sixth

Pero es en Italiano, no?

@ Cecile

Yes, it is in Italian, but links to resources are there anyway. Here is Robin Food’s blog