Spanish - Long but easy content

Hi LingQers !

I am French, and I would like learning Spanish but I don’t want to begin with the beginning that is to say audio with number, geartings or very small conversations. I would like to find easy and interesting content in a very long audio minimum 10minutes. I try with the conversation of Guillermo et Mariano but they speak very fast and it a little too difficult for me.

Have you ever found thinks like that in the LingQ Library?

Notes in Spanish have good podcasts in different levels. Some of them have been imported to LingQ. The other ones can be found on their website.

Cecile, I would try the content that Alsuvi has put into the store. Actually there is a lot of content like that. Ruthie’s content on the geography of South America comes to mind.

Okay, thanks, I will test it this evening !


I don’t find the Ruthie’s content.

Look here Login - LingQ
and then go on to the whole collection.

Sorry Steve,
The link doesn’t work.


I suggest you adjust your level to one that suggests content at your level. Try Beginner 2 and Intermediate 1. There is a lot of content of the kind you are looking for.

Also go to browse the library and search for Colombia and you will find lots of Ruthie’s content.

I started with Who is she? in Spanish before I listened to podcasts, but I started very early with Rafael & Particia’s podcasts in SpanishLingQ (especially the earliest ones #14, 18 and some others), which are not very difficult to understand.
I liked Liszeths shorter texts a lot: Conociendo a alguien, Podcast en español, Tradiciones Mexicanas, La mejor ayuda que puedes dar, El Gran Violinista.
“Ruthie B” has provided “Historias Simples Colombia” (she’s one of the speakers of Who is she?).
But if you want to listen to longer podcasts, I’d choose Rafael and Patricia’s. They are from Uruguay, but their accent isn’t too difficult to understand (with a little “voseo”). It’s colloquial and repetitive but they cover many different topics. I listened to some of their podcasts a lot of times before I ever started looking up words and phrases.
For very long (20-30 minutes) Spanish Spanish texts you might try the provider “Historiasdelahistoria” (if you are interested in history).

I think in the beginning it’s worth putting up with some complete beginner stuff, like Who Is She? If you play them all in a row you end up with about 30 minutes worth of content. As Reinhard mentioned, there are of course the SpanishLingQ conversations and, like marbatis, I’m a fan of the Notes in Spanish conversations (about 15 minutes each). There are a few items I’ve noticed that were made by Ruth about South America and have been categorised under SpanishLingQ, numbers 9, 10, 11, 12, but they aren’t very long.

I am with Cecile on this one. When I go to do Dutch I will start with longer more interesting content, and then maybe swing back and do some beginner texts.

Thanks for the suggestion. Like Reinhard, I also liked ‘Conociendo a alguien’ series but I appreciate Ruth’s collection about South America. I have begun by taken real beginner contents but I’m pleased to change and study these items. They are great and interesting!