Spanish lesson 2 different words show same LingQ

I am in the spanish beginners lesson and I was adding LingQs when “estaciones” and “Invierno” now both have the same defintion and same lingQ. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried clicking on both but they won’t change to proper LingQ and definition

@jaymeb03 - It sounds like this is related to the issue that was reported here:

We hope to have this fixed soon, but in the meantime please refresh the page and it should display them properly.

Another way I like to get around this issue is to highlight in blue the word that’s not working along with the word either before or after it, or just highlight the whole sentence containing the malfunctioning yellow word, if it’s not too long. This at least gives you a Google translate definition of the word, and that can maybe save you from having to refresh the whole lesson.

Alex- thanks for all the quick responses. The customer service on this website is fantastic.