Spanish learning

I have been learning Spanish for some years but then I stopped it and started with Italian. Actually my passive Spanish is quiet ok but I am really lost in conversation. And now I have to reactivate it within the next 4 weeks!

What would you recommend me to be able to talk in Spanish to native speakers? Reading, listening…?
In your opinion, which one is the better method in order to reach this short-term goal? Or anything else?

How did you do it for Italian? What worked there? Can those strategies be used for your present situation? You know yourself - where are your strengths?

You are right, Sanne. Actually the hardest thing is to avoid starting from the beginning… to find a good point from which I can start again is perhaps the main problem.

As you stated you have only four weeks, I would use a listen & speak type of Spanish learning program and fill in with content from lingq. I have used or sampled many listen & speak programs. If I had only four weeks, I would use a ‘Say Something In Spanish’ program which has audio only, English followed by Spanish, in a listen & repeat format. The program has a Tourist Conversation Program and Regular Conversation program. The first 10 lessons of the Level 1 Regular Conversation program are free and you could try out the program. One could easily do one lesson per day.

Just started with a listening podcast program and I am very glad to understand most of the content. On the other hand, today I tried a very short telefone call in Spanish and this wasn’t easy at all, as I wished it would be. Fishing for words even if I understood my conversation partner on the phone.