Spanish dictation doesn't work correctly

I wrote this in an old thread where someone else was having trouble with French dictation, so I’m posting this again in a new thread just in case no one looks at the old threads.

I am having trouble with the Spanish dictation feature. When I hit tab or click on the speaker, the word never plays. How can I resolve this issue? I’m on a MacBook Air OSX 10.6.8, using Safari as my browser. This seems to be the only trouble I have listening to the recordings thus far.

@HeatherSibal - Please make sure that your flash player is up to date, as this can cause problems with audio playback:

If you’re still having problems with this be sure to let us know!

Still didn’t work.

Other sounds will work. I can hear recordings on how the passages are suppose to sound. The dictation just won’t work. As far as I know that’s my only problem with sound.

Also, posting in forums is difficult to find answers. Is there a way I can flag my forums so that I can search for it easily? Or will I just have to scroll thru all the forums until I find this one again?

@HeatherSibal - If you open up the flashcards, are you able to hear text-to-speech on the flashcards?

Regarding the forum, there isn’t a way to flag certain forums but you should receive email notifications when new posts are made on threads you participate in. You can therefore just click on the link in the email to go straight to that thread.

I don’t have any problem. :slight_smile: just saying!! on the audio but I do have it on my 20 lingq I have only done 2 and a half of the reading and was clicking on the words I already know but it’s telling me I need to upgrade to unlimited ten dollars a month when i have not even reach 20 lessons is that so, how come? thank you if you can give me a reply!

@chilito - The limit is 20 LingQs, not 20 lessons. There is actually no limit to the number of lessons you can study on the site!

I am able to hear the text to speech on the flashcards, yes. But when I try the dictation, it will not work.

Actually, now I am not able to hear the speech on the flashcards. Also, the “speaker” has disappeared, as well, on the flashcards.

@HeatherSibal - What happens if you try another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox? Do you experience the same issues?

It may be that the issue is caused not by your software but by some network settings that are blocking the text-to-speech from Google’s severs.

I downloaded Firefox, and it works with that browser (you may wanna note that Safari doesn’t seem to work well with the dictation). Thank you!

@HeatherSibal - OK, glad to hear it. We will take a closer look into this and see if we can figure out why Safari isn’t working for you.