Spanish audio lessons for learning in your car

Hi All,
I was wondering if there are any audio lessons that can be listened to in the car? I really want something to listen to when driving and I’ve run out of good audio courses. Do we have stuff like that on here?
Also, looking for help with my Spanish and I’ll help anyone with their English so just add me (do we add each other on here?).
Shannon (yes I’m a noob)

Hey Shannon. I’m a noobie, too. I’ve been using Pimsleur and will continue along with this site. What I like about LingQ is being able to customize words and lists - and the ability to import articles of interest.

On each lesson, there is a download icon. It downloads the entire lesson in MP3. I downloaded the first 10 lessons. I plan to listen to them during my commute, and study the vocabulary flash cards when I am not driving. That may be what you are looking for.

As a long time LingQer let me give you my perspective. Listening a lot is a great way to absorb the language. I would also make sure to read the lessons at least once and possibly several times as well as listening to them. I am also an avid LingQer. I LingQ all words that I’m not sure of. Soon my texts are covered with these little yellow friends. Coming across these yellow friends, previously saved words and phrases, in all of my lessons, is one of the best ways to acquire vocabulary and learn the language.