Spam on my Wall

I know I can get rid of it, I just want you to know it is there. I can send you a copy of the email if that will help to shut down the source. Or should I just put in the the trash?



Reporting it on the forum is good :slight_smile: You can also send us an email at support (at) I’ve now removed this user’s account.

how do i exclude a comment on my wall?

There is still spam on my wall that I have reported many days ago and I am unable to remove it:

Hello dear,
My name is Samada,
after reading your short profile here i took interest in you, and i really have vital information relating to my life and future that i want to disclose to you, so please reply me with my email address here (
where i will be able to write to you to tell you more about me and also send to you my attached photo

Please reply me with my e-mail address here,if you know you really love me and cares to know me,try to send mail in my email i give you,

Yours New Friend

user samadalove

u50623 We are well aware of the problem and since we can solve all problems at the same time we have decided to live with the spam for now. Please stop publicizing them at the forum. We will deal with the problem in due course.

If people went to the profile via the link in the email notfication, and there clicked “Remove this post”, we wouldn’t have these threads.

Thanks Jeff. I was finally able to remove it. I ask myself, if the logic already exists, why is this not possible from the entry on the profile page?? What’s more, I am still unable to remove this junk from my timeline…

@u50623 - This issue, as you probably know, is in our list of known issues ( and we hope to address all these soon. If you come across any issues that are not on this list then please report them to us, otherwise we ask for the sake of being as efficient as possible that you check the list of known issues before reporting any additional issues that you encounter. Known issues have all been taken into account and prioritized, and multiple posts from the same person about the same issue won’t affect how quickly it will be resolved.

I am sorry, but all these error reports with your answers are distributed in so many forum threads with many pages, and I have difficulties to check whether you fixed it already and it’s my fault or you did not fix it. If you would publish and known problems and their statii in a google spreadsheet, then it would be easier for everybody.

Not to worry, just check the thread I linked to in my post above for the most recent status on known issues. I am regularly updating the first post so the information there will be up to date.