Spam email from LingQ Support?

Hi LingQ Support team. I got an email earlier today from Shelby at with a genric emoticon and hello “my name”. Is this spam or something sent error? Regardless thought it might be worth bringing up.


Yeah, I got one too.
Shelby wrote that they are testing a new e-mail program.
So these e-mails were sent to us by mistake.

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Sorry! That was me. It was an email intended for our internal test group and I accidentally sent it to everyone. My apologies!


I actually quite liked the idea of an email coming out that just said “Hey”. Every email from every website seems to be full of fancy logos and banners, advertising something for sale or trying to convince me to sign up for something or other.

There was something quite pleasant and human about getting an email that just said, in a satisfyingly boring font, “Hey”.

For a language community website, it was just about the best use of language to build community that I could imagine. Even if it was by mistake.

Got it thanks!