Spaces in Chinese texts?

I just opened one of my old items and found that it was now perfectly readable, with spaces and everything! It sure makes LingQ saving a lot easier! Thanks!

Is this something you have been working on for the past hours? (The spaces seem to have appeared very recently - it was about eight nine hours since I last checked the item)

At a second look, it seems as if the text and audio don’t match anymore. (Or have I lost my reading skills overnight?)

The item I’m talking about is “ChineseLingQ Beginner - (Who is She?), Part 6”

I can tell you that we are gradually trying to add spaces to the Chinese content. As far as the sound matching, we will have to check into it.

Thanks very much for telling us the mistake. I’ve corrected it.

Yes Jeff, I spent 2 days to add spaces to all the Chinese content at LingQ. I’m sorry for the mistake:)

Thank you Wolf. This is just great!

Yes, thank you for taking the time to do this. Really appreciated.

The words for “thank you” in Chinese are missing from the text content in
ChineseLingQ Beginner - (Greetings and Goodbyes), Part 1.

There are 2 occurrences. Both are missing.

OK, never mind my last post. My browser wasn’t displaying the word. I restarted my browser and it is fine now.

In Who is She Part 5, there is a sentence in the text 你 怎么 知道?
Can somebody tell me if there is a word between 你 and 怎么 in the audio?