Sources of content for importing and sharing

Just a reminder that the table of language sources is growing. Visit Sources of content for LingQ members. - Google Sheets to find it. If you want permission to add websites of interest please contact me or let me know here.

Ed, can you somehow add the intro bit to each page?

Note that anyone that goes to the trouble of obtaining permission to use content from a particular source shall that the right to upload content from that source to the Library until he/she stops doing so.

Comments welcome.

Done, Steve.

This is a great idea. I propose everyone take a look and contribute.


Thanks Ed, I appreciate your technical knowledge on how to use this spread sheet. I hope more people contribute, whether to increase possible sources of content for our library, for import and personal use, or just for enjoyment.

I just started to add something based on links that I found in the forum. But it takes time to review all the sides and add comments.

I would recommend that the Link to this document would be put an a place where users could easy find the Link. Here in the forum the Link is like a little secret. Best place is maybe the library site.

We will do so eventually but for now we do not want to distract our programmers. I think we may put it in the Import section, or maybe the Library is a better idea. What do others think?

To have it only here in the forum isn’t a good idea because here it disappears.

Library would be better but we should have a really always visible place that this sampling exist.