SOS : I need some assistance/ I am completly lost

Hi to anyone who could help me. I am loosing my points without speaking with someone or having my essay corrected. I am very frustrated because I don’t have someone who could really explain to me, if I have a problem. I would like to have a conversation once in the week and to write something and have it corrected by my tutor or Helen from UK. My tutor did not contacted me or anything so pleaaaaaaaaaaase help me to figure out how to progress. Or keep contact me otherwiese I don’t know what to do. Thank you in advance.


I think you’re making some confusion between the Activity points and the points you can buy.
You’re a free member, so you can benefit from using many LingQ features, in particular lessons, LingQ storing of Words and the Vocabulary page.
If you want to talk with a tutor or submit a text for correction, you need to buy points.
Basically they cost 20 US$ for 1000 points, as a free member.
They cost only 10 US$ for 1000 points for “Basic” or “Plus” member.
If you’re interested in talking with tutors or have your writing corrected, I suggest you to upgrade to Basic and to buy some points.

Hi Aicha,
welcome here in our forum.

Monica wrote the first important things concerning the points - activity points and point for speaking and writing.

For the other problems you my have I suggest to go in the forum of your mother language and ask there exactly what you want to know. There the answer will be better understandable for you I think.

When I see correct, your native language is French and so you can go to the French part of the forum. We all are here for helping each others :slight_smile: