Sorting recently opened lessons does not work properly

Recently I’ve noticed the sorting recently opened lessons does not work properly in my lessons. This problem appeared probably after fixing the missing lessons in my lessons.

Earlier it worked right away after I refreshed the web page, and now it seems there is a delay for a couple of days. Now I noticed the so-called most recently opened lesson is the lesson I read 1 day ago, and the lessons I read few hours earlier are still somewhere in middle of the list. Is this a bug or the new setting in LingQ to reduce the load of system?

Sorry to re-identify the problem. I noticed that 1-Column view and 2-Column view are working well. The problem lies in the Table view. The oder of content in Table view is not aligned with the oder of content in 1-Column view and 2-Column view.

Thanks, kigoik. There seem to be a few issues there. We are looking into it.