Sorting quick imports by date?

The quick import plugin is great, but the lessons are sorted from old to new, which isn’t very convenient. Is there any way to get the older, completed lessons to not be at the top by default?

In My Lessons, one of the Sorts is “Newly Imported”. It will list your imports by import date with newest at the top. I also recommend creating new courses to import into so that your Quick Imports course doesn’t get too big and unwieldy.

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I’ve never found the sort functions to be very good or totally workable. Over the past few years, I’ve only noticed the imported lessons are sorted when I chose to display it in “table” format.

That puts the quick imports course at the top, which when I click on it, sorts with newly imported LAST.

Yes, but if you use the switch to show Lessons instead of Courses, it will show your lessons in order of newly imported as well.

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