Sorting lessons/courses by % of new words

Hey, I Googled how to do this and I saw one thread from 10 years ago and one thread from a year ago, both times you said you were working on it. Is that still on your to-do list somewhere or is it too resource intensive? I’m having trouble finding stuff these days, most things are either 3% (too few) new words or 25% (too much).

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Sorry but it’s not yet possible to sort by % of new words. We did had this option available a few years ago on the Classic version, but it’s not available on the new LingQ version since we had some issues with it. Hopefully we will be able to bring it back one day, it’s on our list.


Thanks for the reply, I had no idea it was in classic! If I ever feel the need to I’ll just temporarily switch to classic, thank you for letting me know! Very helpful!