Sorting Korean Mini Stories Numerically

How can I sort the Korean Mini Stories (in Currently Studying) numerically? I expected the “oldest to newest” filter to do the job, but 21-25, 38, and 41-45 are oddly out of place. This behavior was observed on my iPhone and in the browser (Chrome on MacOS), but not on my iPad…

I did some filter comparison, and each device has a different set of available filters. Is there a reason for this? There is some overlap, but only the iPad has “Original” and only the iPad is sorting properly by numerical value.

I think the solution is to add the “Original” filter to the browser and iPhone so that users will be able to sort their Mini Stories numerically. I think this is the recommended order to go through them anyway for optimal learning :slight_smile:

Strange, I can’t reproduce that. If I open the Mini Stories course, all lessons are listed in regular order.
Can you please give it another try: Login - LingQ

Sorry I was not able to reply on my phone. The filters now include “Original” on my phone so they are sorting as expected. Thanks!

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Great, glad to hear it! :slight_smile: