Sorting contents

Hi there,

Is there a way to sort contents in the library this way?
I would like to exclude only one or two types of contents from my selection in the search window, and keep all the other. I think for instance, about the audiobooks that have been flooding the library for quite a while. The search is not really convenient since it takes too much time to find contents from other categories.
Don’t get me wrong, audiobooks are interesting material, but I can easily download them on my own.
What I expect from the LingQ library is a great deal of varied contents.

I agree with Serge. It would be nice to have the option to opt out for example Librivox and VOA in the library search. I can easily find these articles on my own on the Internet. There is no need for hundred and thousands of those articles in the LingQ library. What makes the LingQ library outstanding is the variety that it offers and the exclusive content that could be found on LingQ only.
But how to find the interesting content it is not obviously (especially new members can have problemes) because there is so much content especially from VOA (1598 Lessons) and Librivox (1327 Lessons). About half of the lessons are from these two sources.

Realistically, we are not about to add controls to exclude 2 specific content providers from searches in the English library. Then, someone else will request a third provider be excluded and so on. I understand your issue and we will think if there isn’t a way to make the search better.

Thank you, Mark.