Sorting by number of unknown words

I have a suggestion to improve the library. Sorry if this has been suggested before. I thought it would be a great idea to be able to search for new content by number of unknown words (or percentage of unknown words), and to be able to ignore content with 0 unknown words (or previously “I know all”'ed content". It would make it far easier to search for something appropriate to someone’s level.

I know you get lots of requests for updates, but if you could consider this, I think it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


We once had that feature, but it was inactivated (maybe it put too much strain on the system?). I agree that it would be very useful.

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This is something we would like to bring back at some point. It used to automatically list by new words percentage which was a big drain on resources. If we put it back, it would be done on demand only which would reduce the drain on resources considerably. It is on our big wish list!

Just wanted to mention that the feature is not just still missing, but is also still missed! :wink: