Sorting by New Words

Before your changes to LingQ a month or so ago, we had the ability to sort courses based on the amount of new words the course or lesson had. Why did you remove this feature? Are there any plans to bring it back? It is frustrating having to go through tons of lessons to find courses with decent amount of new words at my level.


Hi Tarris1,
For now, you can sort courses/lessons by likes, A-Z or to show newly shared on top. I am not sure at this moment if we are going to make it possible to sort them by number of new words, but I’ll check with the team and let you know.

Yes please, I also brought this up at the beta testing basecamp forum a few months ago. The reply from Mark was that it’s too resource intensive.
It is very important though:)

We are bringing this back. It is resource intensive and can be slow but will be available in the filters before long. We are actually working on it now. You will be able to filter results by new words percentage.


I just started using Lingq a few days ago and I love it! However, I just realised that I really wanted this feature to be able to find lessons with a good level of new words. I’m using the Android app and I’m not able to find the feature. Is it still in development or is it hidden somewhere?

I’ve looked for it both in the filter and the sort by.

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I’m sorry to say this still isn’t available. We have not forgotten about it though and still hope to have this available before too long.