Sort the LingQ's with creation date?

I am searching a function in LingQ, but i can’t find it. Is there a function, where i can sort my createt LingQs by day?
I wanna be able to see, which LingQs i created on which day, and then just let me see the LingQs from the day that i choosed.

Now it’s just possible to sort the LingQs by creation date, but i can’t see which LingQs i created on which date.
Is that possible?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Kind regards

@Jennymaeder - It isn’t possible to filter your LingQs for LingQs created on a specific day, though you can sort your LingQs by creation date to see the newest LingQs first.

One other option is if you’re studying one lesson each day, or a specific lesson on one day, you can go back to that lesson to see the LingQs that were added through that lesson. This will also include previously LingQed words that appear in that lesson, but will allow you to see new LingQs as well.

Hello Alex, thanks for your reply.

I have to say, i also searched this function. Sad that it’s not possible.

It would be really easier to learn the LingQs, cause you can just repeat the LingQs you made on the same day…

Maybe you can forward this request, maybe it would be possible in the future - would be great!

Thank you a lot

@Precrime - Thanks, we’ll see what we can do!