Sort criteria of the library

Is it an accident or a feature that now on the first shelve of the library the LingQ-Content is shown before Content of users is shown?
(For example ‘Who is she’, ‘Eating out’, ‘Greetings and goodbyes’)

Vera, we changed how the library picks items for the Beginner Shelf i.e for the My Level content if the user is a beginner. The other Levels are not affected.

We did this because it was obvious from some usability tests that we did that visitors are confused by the Library. Many of our newcomers are beginners, or at least choose beginner as their level.

We wanted to have consistency across all 10 languages, a consistent course to get people started. We want people to try out the LingQ Beginner series because translations are available in all of our languages at LingQ.

We are going to make it clearer on the Library page just what the learner’s level is, and make it easier to change the level at that page. We suspect that some people may have chosen their level incorrectly. The learner’s level determines what displays on the main library page.

Once an lesson is chosen it disappears from the list and other lessons will replace it. One thing I notice is that many lessons appear on Beginner which are not beginner. I will go through and change them as I have time. If you can do the same that would be great. This affects all lessons that display in the store since the learner only sees his level and one level higher and one level lower.

Note that the “For Beginners shelf” is not affected by this change and a variety of beginner content appears there. Also it is a good idea for content providers and tutors to continue talking about their content here at the Forum, on blogs or on people’s walls.