Sorry but I'm downgrading because

Although I like the concept here a few reasons.
The whole interface is overly fiddly.
You can’t hover for a translation on my iPad.
The flash cards etc kept hanging and required an annoying cache clear (I guess this will soon be fixed) and there’s no auto play of the audio.
I’d just like a confident definition, not all those possible variations.
The ios app is quite basic.

Mostly though in beginner Italian I couldn’t find consistent content that would take me more than a few lessons, even the lingq labelled ones, and some of the recordings are poor. Many of the lessons seem to throw in some fairly advanced or colloquial expressions.

Ok thanks for listening. I’ll still have a look now and then.

@peasouper - Sorry you don’t like the interface. It is a bit limited on the iPad and we hope to address that. We are working on a significant enhancement to the apps so hopefully that will address some of your concerns. The flashcard issue was a one time thing that occurred after we made some changes to enhance site performance. As for viewing dictionary definitions instead of user hints created by others, simply click Check Dictionary to look up the word in your favourite dictionary. Regarding consistent content, there is a lot of great content provided by us and other members. I’m surprised to hear you had trouble finding good content. You shouldn’t need to spend more than a month on pure beginner content before you should be able to handle higher level content using our interface. There is nothing wrong with introducing some more complicated concepts at an earlier stage.

Thanks. It’s just a personal view. Hope the comments help though. I still like the idea and yes there are some good dialogues.