Something does not compute

I will make this short: with FREE account, you can only make 100 LingQ’s, but I can’t find a way to delete old LingQ’s so I could add new ones. As I’m dangerously approaching 100 LingQ’s limit, I started to wonder what happens when you reach it - does it simply say “sucks to be you” and forces you to buy BASIC plan or leave?

You can press the X in the vocabulary view.

As keke_eo says, you’ll have to head to the Vocabulary page and click on the word, then click the “X” that appears in the LingQ widget.

By the way, we don’t recommend removing saved words, since it’s common to forget words even after we think we’ve learned them :slight_smile:

Every time I click “X” next to the word, it says “To use this premium feature, you will need to upgrade.” I also reached 100 word limit, and it doesn’t allow me to add more. It would be quite sad if I really can’t delete them in any way.

@alex It would be good idea if there was no 100 words limit, but…

I want to learn Russian additionally at home, because I am learning it a school as my third language, but I’m quite bad at it (If my average at it would have been just 0.1 higher, I would have got 100$ bonus for finishing trimester with all my averages being 9’s and 10’s). However, my parents won’t allow me to spend any money (didn’t spend money → has no experience in spending money → shouldn’t spend money → repeat as much as you like), so I have to resort to free alternatives.

To delete them as a Free user, click on the word on the Vocab page and then click in the “X” in the popup.

Have you asked your parents about paying for your membership at LingQ? I’m sure if they knew what the site was about and that you wanted to use it to learn languages, they probably wouldn’t mind…

I encountered the same issue as a free user, but I just had to suck it up and buy the basic membership… Luckily somebody let me know about the teambuy option with only a day or so left on it!

I can’t lie, now that I have tasted real LingQ membership I can’t fathom going back to free membership.

Does anyone know how to redeem the teambuy coupon? I’d like to start using it, but don’t see anywhere i can use it.

@liljana - Send us an email at support (at) and we’ll be sure to help you sort things out :slight_smile: