Someone to learn German/Japanese with

Hi I am learning Germand and Japanese. I’m looking for some fellow beginners to learn with or to discuss with. I am a native English speaker.

I think it is an excellent idea to create learning groups. I hope you get some response here.

Hi, I’m not fluent, but I speak German fairly well (living in a German village for two years) and would be glad to correspond with you. I don’t know any Japanese, and I like you, am a native English speaker.:slight_smile:

I would really appreciate your help I am only a beginner so maybe we could chat online sometime?

Okay…if you google “goethe institut chat” there’s a chat for people learning german which comes up. Though you’re only allowed to write German there, I’d possibly be willing to meet you there sometime and do private chat or something.:slight_smile:

I’d be willing to meet up. I’m still on the “No Knowledge” audio files that Vera created (thanks for those!) and am about 4/13th of the way through, so I’ve yet to start Beginner 1. However, it would be motivating for me to join up, so I’m interested. That is, especially since not many where I live happen to have the slightest interest in learning the language with me. Please do let me know what’s in store.

P.S. I’m also a native English speaker.

Sorry, I meant “No Knowledge” for German. I’m not studying Japanese right now.

I’m learning Japanese from scratch, although I don’t spend much time on it because I’m mainly learning Russian. But if you are creating an English-language discussion group for beginners Japanese, count me in.

I started learning Japanese about two months ago, so I’d be more than happy to chat and practice! My German is advanced, but maybe I can be of some help there too?

I recommend that people form groups and sign up together for discussions with the tutor of their choice. This way they will get used to each other, encourage each other, and even exchange word lists or advice on favourite content items from the Library.