Someone please fix "Paging moves to known"

To be fair, I don’t think Lingq is an extensive reading tool. It’s an intensive reading tool. It’s primary purpose is that you look up every single word and note their dictionary definition. I mean, the website is literally called “mark things yellow” (i.e. Lingq)

Your (and many others’) frustrations arise from the fact that you want the tool to do something different from it’s intended purpose and finding it lacking for that purpose. And I do understand your point of view, but also the point of view of the developers of wanting to stick to their vision and purpose of their product.

I would look elsewhere for extended reading tools. If you have the budget, investing in a kindle could be a good and more comfortable option more suited for extensive reading.


I agree. The primary purpose of LingQ is help Steve learn languages. :wink:


My frustration is that “Paging moves to known” is the default setting. As an intermediate-level language learner, it’s highly unlikely that I know all of the words on a page. If I turn the page with blue words, I “learn” many words that I don’t know. I’ve disabled this in Settings but sometimes it returns as the default setting (that I have to disable again).

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Yes, that is probably also true

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Totally agree there.

It’s not a coincidence that Steve uses iOS and that the iOS app offers the best experience overall.

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Actually I’m not fond of that checkmark at the end. If you’re not careful, you can easily click it by mistake, intending to move to the nonexistent next page. Maybe on the last page of a lesson where the “next page” button usually is, if you accidentally click the checkmark, it just throws multicolor confetti or something, and then at the bottom of the page where it now says “End of Lesson” there could instead be a button saying, “Mark lesson completed, mark all blue words as known, and remove lesson from ‘Continue Studying’ ?”.
And below that a note: “To close this lesson without making these changes, use the back-arrow in your app or browser.”

Just an idea.


Yes! @zoran and the @LingQ Team, great Idea!:

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For me it’s almost always the case that the reason I marked a lesson as finished is that I accidentally clicked the check mark, thinking I was advancing to the next page.

Today when I clicked the check mark with words still blue (that Id accidentally missed) I got a pop up asking me what I wanted to do with options - looked a very old fashioned pop up and not styled like the site, but did the job. YAY!

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Was this on Android or iOS or Windows or…?

That’s in MasterLingQ! I’m working on a script that will mark words new again for a particular lesson if they were marked as known without making a LINGQ


ah!!! Ive installed that so that will be why. hahaha. I thought Linq had listened!!

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