Some thoughts about review section

I have listened a lot on lessons and some courses with again a lot of lessons. I think it would be easier if there is an option to select all lessons from one course and then to review them. I mean when I select a dictation section (in review section) it would be easier to have all lessons from one course to review them, they are all same topics.
It’s an idea, you probably have plenty other issues to solve. Maybe in future you would like to change something and you don’t know what. :slight_smile:

@maja - this functionality doesn’t exist but you can see and review all your vocabulary together in the vocabulary section. You can also tag all the lingQs you want to review together and then review those tagged LingQs on the vocabulary page.

I mean all LinqQs that we create from lessons that belongs to the same course. I am aware that there isn’t that functionality, just thought that it is an idea. I am reviewing my LinqQs in way you described.