Some suggestions for making lingq better

  1. In every article there should be a straight link to the same article in different languages, if such exist, so one could view the same text in ones first language and then immediately in a foreign one. It would also make easier the learning of many languages at the same time. One could listen to the same audio in, for example, French first, then Spanish, then Italian, and notice the similarities.

  2. something needs to be done to the library. Why aren´t the articles organised in any way? For example alphabetically? It would be easier to find them if they were.

3.The library shows too few articles at a time so one has to keep browsing ahead in order to find stuff.

4.It would be great if we could search articles by their accents. If i wanted to learn the British accent i would just click “british” and see all the texts in that accent.

  1. It might be a good idea to put some pictures in the articles, because then one could guess what they are about. Some people have a visual memory.

lingq is great by the way.

Hi Tino, try the “Browse full library” Link on the top corner of the left side. You’ll find some of your suggestions are implemented.

Hi Tino,

Thanks for the feedback. We are always happy for suggestions on how to improve the Library.

  1. We are looking into some way of doing this. It’s a good suggestion for those texts which do have translations. The vast majority of lessons do not have translations however.
    2, 3, 4. As Vera suggests, go to the Browse Library page for a more searchable list with accent filter.
  2. I’m not sure what you mean since every lesson has an image attached to it.

I think the reference to pictures refers to illustrations in the articles. I do not know what the technical limitations are, but if the article being imported has illustrations or images, these do not survive.

Thanks for the replies!
Glad to hear Lingq is working on no 1. Thats the most important of them. As for 5. arent the current pictures rather tiny?

Hey, could you also add the ability to sort lessons by percentage of new words?

perhaps that’s not an easy feature to implement, but it would be nice to have.


We used to do this but it really slowed down the site so we removed it. We intend to reintroduce it, hopefully in the not too distant future.

I see, well I understand how it’s hard to implement without taking a lot of server resources, since every user has different percentage of new words for every file.

I guess it’s such a useful feature I hope to see it soon.