Some stories of Sherlock Holmes

Since I’m reading the memoirs and the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, I decided to import the text (WIkisource) and the audio (Librivox) into LingQ. I chose the ones who had the best narration and sound quality.

Here are the links to the collections:

That is great, thanks.

If you have the time to help us with more Italian content that would also be wonderful.Every little bit helps.

Sherlock Holmes? Youpi!!!

I found in “Newsletter of January 2010” this information about my favorite detective. Thank you for all Sherlock Holmes that I found into LingQ. I hope you will be put many others stories of this famous detective.

You will learn English and/or French with Sherlock Holmes?

He exist a very good edition of all stories of Sherlock Holmes in a bilingual edition at Omnibus Editor (3 tomes):

You have in the left page of the book, the original English Edition, and in the right page, the new traduction in French. You have also the original illustration of Sidney Paget from the “Strand Magazine”.

The best video of Sherlock Holmes is probably this SerieTV with the actor Jeremy Brett: “Sherlock Holmes serie Granada”:

Homepage of this big site about Sherlock Holmes (in French):

The version of DVD from Europe is in English and French (audio and subtitles), and you can buy it at or
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The stories of Sherlock Holmes is to spend the late nineteenth century. It should however be noted that the world where there are investigations of the detective is no longer ours and that many points beyond us.

There is a dictionary (especially on Sherlock Holmes) that gives us all the information about weapons, places, characters, real or fictitious, and that criminals and fraudsters. There is also a list of adventures that were brought on stage and screen with the names of performers and a short biographical note. A bunch of index completes this book (in French) very comprehensive.

The book in French call this:

Title: Dictionnaire Sherlock Holmes
author: Lucien-Jean Bord
Editor: le cherche midi
ISBN: 978-2-7491-1221-3