Some questions about using lingQ system

Few days ago I started adding new content. I created new provider and so on.
First of all it is interesting for me how to define real difficult of the text? I don’t know is it intermediate 1 or 2, or maybe advanced level.
My next question is about adding songs. Which provider I need to chose if I want to share that content with others?
By the way I want to notice that using lingQ system is very useful for me. Now I can think in English for a long time and this is awesome. Of course I make many grammar mistakes but I hope to correct them in future.
Thanks a lot to all the developers of the system.
I hope you will help me. :slight_smile:

“how to define real difficulty of the text”

Normally you know this yourself. Newspaper article: advanced, only simple words: beginner, intermediate: something in between. You can also look at lessons in the library and compare…

“about adding songs”

It’s not a good idea. Songs and songtexts are normally copyrighted and not allowed for sharing.

…unless of course you plan to sing them yourself!

Text and music are under copyright too. You have to create the song starting from zero or to use very, very, very old songs :wink:

@ Vera - So you won’t be uploading your own recording of yourself singing 99 Luftballons then?

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Yes, and this is not only because of the copyright :wink: I guess, you’ve never heard me singing …

Thanks for your answers!

@ Mr_Daniel

A great way to use the system would be to post lots in the forums. The aim of most discussions is to change the subject as many times as possible. The best discussions are the ones where each post is about a completely different topic.

It’s difficult to post off-topic when someone points out that they posted an off-topic post.

But maybe the topic now is indeed off-topic because we are posting off-topic posts about posting off-topic.

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I’m sorry for my lake message. Your advice is useful for me because how you can see I ask many questions in just one post. So I will try to fix this aspect in visible future.

From your post I understood that you are clever person who has ability for making different post and so on.

How many posts would I off-topic post if I off-topic posted off-topic?