Some problems with the Overview section

I have a small but quite disappointing problem when I open the Overview section.

When I open it I can see only “Demo” as if I visit the LingQ for the first time. I do not see Progress snapshots and Priority LingQs section. So it has become rather difficult to control and estimate my work.

This is because you have no data to display in Overview in the currently selected language. You must have created some LingQs or entered listening hours or something in that language before the Overview data will appear. If you change your language to a language where you have been active, you will see your statistics once again.

That was me in one of my test accounts!

Thank you for the explanation.

Actually I had some data to display (time of listening, number of words read and so on). I also tried to add some data while working on an assignment but I still failed to see the progress snapshot section. And I really began to panic because of the fear that I had lost all the data of my statistics.

Right now everything works Ok. The problem was solved by creating some new LingQs. So it happened just because all the items in my vocabulary list were indicated as learnt and I had nothing to be shown in my Priority LingQ section. Fortunately, it’s not such a great problem and now I know how to solve it. I hope my observation may be of some use for further improvement of “the LingQ system”.

You must be right. We will be improving our “Getting started” screens soon and we will make sure to fix this problem. Thanks for the feedback.