Some problems with LingQ App since Update

Since the app had an update, the order of the lessons is messed up. There are new functions associated with them, but these functions do not work properly. Instead of the order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc., there is 1, 205, 2, 204, 3, 203, 4, etc. Before the update, it was the normal order. Unfortunately I can’t change that.

Another problem that bothers me a lot is reading in Chinese. I always read the Chinese texts without pinyin, just the characters, but when I want to look up a word, the translation is displayed, but not the pinyin. That doesn’t make any sense to me at all.
If I switch the function to pinyin, then the text is given in pinyin and when I look up the word, the pinyin is also displayed, which is ok. But then I have to read the text in Pinyin, which I don’t want to do at all. Before the update everything was fine.

While I’m at it, I can also list the problems of the web application. Since I mainly use the app, I mostly ignored these problems.

The font size setting is not optimal. You always have to feel your way if you want to display the largest font, otherwise you will switch back to the smallest font or other way around.
A number or a min or max display would help.

Another problem arises with the size setting. When setting the pinyin, the pinyin and the characters will overlap when the font size is increased. The first three font sizes are still fine (from min to max), but after that they start to overlap.

I hope these problems can be fixed, especially the first two mentioned, because these problems affect my learning a lot.

Thx for reading.

Best regards

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Hi Matthias,
You didn’t mention are you using Android or iOS app?

Hi Zoran,
sorry I forgott to mention that.
I’m using the Android app.

I’d also like to add to your list! In Android I have lost the “dark scheme” which is more restful to my eyes.

ETA: also, where did the dyslexia font go?

I’ve felt the same about the font size in the Web beta version. I use Bariol in the Web 4.0 but in the beta version there is Bariol Serif that doesn’t go well and none of the others work. I had the same feeling that all fonts are too small or too large and I had a hard time to adapt. That’s why I keep using the 4.0 for the Web version and the 5.0 beta for the playlists.

I haven’t had this problem with iOS 5.0 though. It just felt good since the beginning.

Thanks a lot. I’ll look into this and let our developers know.

Is the Android update even available yet? The Appstore’s telling me that 4.9.22 is the latest version.

We did release it but it’s not available to all users yet. It’s being gradually released to everyone and if not already, you should get it within next few days.

Ah okay. It says that I’m a beta tester so I assumed that I’d have it earlier rather than later, but for me personally there’s no rush since the older version works for me and not all of the changes will always be convenient for everyone.

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Just to add to this, when using the “Large” font on Android to read Chinese characters in Full Text mode, if a sentence goes over the page a character will be omitted. For example, if 我不知道 (I don’t know) crosses the page, it may turn into 我知道 (I know). The 不 disappears. This is super important to fix as it can change the entire meaning of a sentence. It may have something to do with the overlap problem mentioned in the original post.

If you go into settings on your home page (top right) it will just be labelled “Theme”. Turning this on should switch it to dark mode.