Some phrases won't be created

Hello. I am having a problem with some phrases I highlight not “sticking”.

For reference I am trying to learn this lesson: Login - LingQ

The problem is when I highlight the sentence “何 か ご用 です か” I see it with a blue background and am able to select the popular translation from the community (“What can I do for you?”) but when I click which translation I want nothing happens it deselects the phrase/sentence. And, it appears to be the only sentence in the lesson which has this problem.

@DanoM - That should be fixed now.

Thanks, it is working now. :slight_smile:

It seems I am still having a problem with phrases. I can highlight them, create a lingq and then they appear with an orange background but as soon as I leave the page or lesson the lingq no longer appears. I went to my Vocabulary and can see that it is still there but it wants me to create a lingq every time I open the lesson or highlight the phrase again.

An example of something that won’t link is, とおい (far distant) as it is coming up as two words と + おい and can only be saved as a phrase.

Can you send a link to that lesson and tell us which phrase isn’t working?

This is the lesson with とおい (far distant)

I did some testing and the same problem happens on Firefox, but when I load the lessons on my iPhone the phrases show up as being lingqs and everything works fine.

@DanoM - Interesting. Seems to be a problem in Firefox. It works fine in Chrome. We will look into it.

Oh, I meant that I am using Chrome but I did test it on Firefox too. So for me it isn’t working on either.

Hmm…it has also stopped working on Chrome for me now. Ok, thanks. I will report that too!

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I’ve gone back to the classic view until there is fix because there are too many important phrases I need in Japanese. Is there an ETA for this kind of thing?

We actually have this fixed and it will be in our next release once we have fully tested it. Should be Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Sorry about that.