Some opened lessons don't appear in the "My Lessons" list

I click the arrow beside the Learn page button. I choose My Lessons from there. I’m sorting on “recently opened”.

@Jingle - Do these lessons show up in the Tasks dropdown? When you change the dropdown selection on the Learn page to “My Lessons” do these lessons show up there? Have you opened these lessons or did you take them all at once without opening them?

@Mark - 1. yes 2. No 3. I have opened them all. I never take a group all at once.

@Jingle - Can you tell me which lessons exactly? I can see if the same happens to me.

@Jingle - That is very strange…! Those lessons all show up fine for me in My Lessons both on the Learn page and on the My Lessons page when I have Recently Opened selected from the sort dropdown. Is this still happening to you?

It’s still happening. This afternoon I took 4 of Evgueny’s lessons. Only 1 shows up in My Lessons but all show up in the timeline and task dropdown. There are 2 new lessons (mentioned in a Forum post). The one about smoking (rauchen) doesn’t appear; the one about laughter (lachen) being the best medicine does. I opened them both from the link in the Forum post.

I thought it might have something to do with the collection (these two lessons are actually in different collections) so I opened another lesson from Sachtexte which is where “rauchen” is found. This lesson about the Olympics shows up!

These two lessons also don’t work properly and are not able to show in my list:

@Jingle, Kigoik - I have tried the lessons you sent and can’t reproduce the problem. Can you send me a screenshot showing My Lessons and your Tasks dropdown open so we can see the discrepancy? Also, can you think of anything you are doing differently with the lessons that show up versus the lessons that don’t? There must be something causing this on your end and if we can reproduce it, we can then try and fix it.

@Mark - It seems there is on way to attach pictures in the forum (probably this feather can be added in the coming future :-)). Here are two links for the screenshot:

  • Task drop-down: ImageBam
  • My Lesson: ImageBam
    I did not do anything special to these lessons. What I did, just like what I did to other lessons, is just to open, to read, and to archive. Nothing special.

I emailed mine.

@kigoik - If you archive the lessons, they will not appear in My Lessons. Archived lessons are removed from My Lessons and can then be found in My Archives. You archive lessons to get them out of My Lessons.

@Jingle - Is this the same thing you are doing? Archiving lessons?

@mark - I know if I archive lessons, they will disappear in My Lessons list. But, the lesson I showed is not archived.

@kigoik - You did say that you archived your lessons in your post above when you explained what you did with those previous lessons. So, are you saying you did not archive them?

@mark - OK, sorry for the confusion. What I tried to explain is the routine I did for every lesson I’ve studied. I treated every lesson the same way, but there are just some lessons did not show up in My Lessons List, e.g. the Harry Potter series I’m currently reading. The screenshots I showed earlier are to demonstrate the one shows up in my Task drop-down menu but does not show up in My Lessons List. I also went to View Course, and the lesson is not archived.

@kigoik, Jingle - Boris from our development team has just made a suggestion that may help resolve the issue. That is to click the “Archive Old Lessons” button if you haven’t done this. What this will do is to archive lessons that haven’t been used in 3 months. If you have a lot of active lessons, our search functionality may not be returning some results because of a maximum limit implemented to improve responsiveness.

@mark - I just did the “Archive Old Lessons” and it did not help. Originally I only had 6 active lessons, and now I have 3 active ones. The one did not show up still doesn’t show up.

@kigoik, Jingle - We think we have identified and fixed the issue causing this. Please take a look and let us know.

@Mark - Things look good! Thanks a lot!

@Mark: I’m curious. What was the issue?