Some opened lessons don't appear in the "My Lessons" list

I do not know if someone has also encountered the same bug as I did. Recently I noticed the some lessons, for instance, Pedometer and Carfree Cities, in the course “Interesting Thing of the Day” did not show up in “My Lessons” list. However, other lessons from other courses seem to be normal. Any idea?

I have sometime the same problem, especially if I would like to check my Russian lesson after importing it to the Lingq library. THey are stopped a week ago, though I add every day a little lesson to the collection ‘a text a day’.

I also noticed the " #43 Jolanda and Vera - Books in Foreign Languages" in GermanLingQ does not show up in my list :frowning:

@kigoik, evgueny40 - Can you check these issues again? We think they should be resolved now.

Nop! It even gets worse — all my archived lessons show up in the list :frowning:

Oops! That was a bug. That issue with archived lessons should now be fixed. We will continue looking into the other issue.

@kigoik - What is your current sort in My Lessons? Is it Recently Opened? If it isn’t, switch to Recently Opened to see if the last few lessons you looked at are at the top of the list.

@mark - It is Recently Opened, and only the lesson “#43 Jolanda and Vera - Books in Foreign Languages” in GermanLingQ does not show up.

@kigoik - That is strange. I take that lesson and it appears properly for me. Is it showing in the Tasks dropdown? Is that lesson showing in your Timeline?

@mark - It shows up both in my Timeline and Tasks dropdown. I noticed that I can see this lesson through My Lessons → show Courses → target lesson. However, when I chose show Lessons, the target lesson was gone.

@kigoik - Are you sure you haven’t archived this lesson? Do you see it when you go to My Archives?

@mark - I did not archive it and it does not show up in My Archives.

Looks like the bug is fixed. Thanks a lot. Thumbs up to the programmers :slight_smile:

Yes, that should be fixed now. Let us know if it happens again.

@mark - It seems the problem appears again. I have one lesson (Harry Potter-01. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Spot, part 1) which does not show up in my list of the English section. thx

@kigoik - Strange, it seems to be an issue specific to this lesson. We’ll add this to our list!

@alex - Just for your information. The lesson Harry Potter-01. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Spot, part 2 also does not show up.

@alex - A have not one case, but a lot of my Russian lessons of the collection ‘a text a day’(День за днем), that I make every day(!) and put into a Russian library,- don’t apear among my imported lessons - and it’s difficult to me to follow them by searching what of them are more popular by my students.
Last of these little impressions of the day that appeared in my library among the imported lessons were texts of the 31 December and before it the text of the first December.
But I can’t see the texts during all other days of December and all 19 texts of January although I write and import such texts every day(!)
However, all texts in November I can see in my library.
And my texts in German and English I can see in my imported lessons as well.
So I can’t understand why just this Russian collection doesn’t appear during so long time.

This happens to me quite often. I have taken four of Vera’s newest lessons in the last 2 days. None of them show in My Lessons. A week or 2 ago I took 3 of Evgueny’s German Conversations. They don’t show up either. (They do show on the timeline.)

@Jingle - Do you see those lessons when you choose my lessons from the content drop down on the Learn page? What sort do you have selected on the My Lessons page?