Some notes on my progress in learning languages

I primarily focus on studying Russian. I read and listen to at least two texts a day on LingQ, mostly one from Русский Подкаст (Solena) and one from Evgueny. I have three Skypies (sensu Fasulye) that I talk to at least once each, every week. I try to have Skype-lessons with tutors twice a week. Mostly we focus on grammar and reading comprehension.

Also, I import some texts from the local newspaper *) from our neighbouring Russian settlement, into LingQ and try to understand them. Having just passed 10,000 words on LingQ, I find it interesting that texts from this newspaper still has around 40% - 50% unknown words. However, using LingQ I am able to work my way through them.

I still “panic” if I see any of my Russian acquaintances here in town, and am barely able to comment on the weather …

I try to take Evgueny’s words to heart, that students are too impatient. I guess I just need to continue on, and work my way towards 20,000 words, via my daily studies of about two thousand.

I immensely enjoy Silviad and Fasulyes Dutch podcast. I started reading Dutch September 1st, and have now passed 3,000 words studying one lesson each day. I was planning to read Dutch for a month to test it out, but I want to continue.

In German (which I was supposed to learn in school, Steve … ;), I continue reading my German pocket book which I picked up this summer in Kiel. I manage about four pages each night before going to sleep.

Also, I have done some reading in Italian, just for fun. I have only looked at short beginner lessons. I started October 1st, and word count is now 200.

So, language studies takes up a lot of my time. I have started using the flash card feature on my mobile phone every day now, and it is quite helpful when trying to focus on a few lessons at the time.

OK - just a small update on my progress.

*) Newspaper published in PDF-format with a standard copyright notice (not preventing personal use, but preventing me from sharing the articles without permission)


I spend all my free time on languages, I guess. No TV viewing also frees a lot of time each day. German studies in bed takes no time, since I like to read before sleep anyway. The Italian text (reading through, lingqing-words, listening) takes less than 15 min (but I do it every day). Also, Dutch 15 - 30 min (every day). All these activities combined makes up about an hour.

I guess I spend two to four hours on Russian each day, most of it after dinner. Some Skype-lessons I have during the daytime, in order to fit it into the tutors schedule (but anyway it is only around two hours a week).

I learn Russian just because I am interested in Russia. But, living and working here in the High Arctic, it would be interesting some day to cooperate with our neighbors.

Mostly podcasts and LingQ, but I have watched some films on the Mosfilm-channel at Youtube, while trying to follow the Russian transcript from . Quite exhausting and I guess not worth my time (yet). I enjoy more reading the English subtitles and picking up words and phrases that I can recognize in Russian.