Some new content in the Portuguese area

Today I decided to “use” a permission gave to me by Yury Vieira to upload some more items of the “Tragicomédia Acadêmica” in the Portuguese area. I hope you enjoy it!

What is it about?

The “Tragicomédia” is a book published under Creative Commons. Is is made up of somewhat funny tales where the stories take place in a University in Brazil.


I opened one and they are phenomenal, content, sound and narrator. I am looking forward to studying them, and looking forward to my first “lesson” with you in one hour.

I’m glad you liked them. Yuri had authorized me to use this sometime ago, but I hadn’t the time to do it before. I’ve also been finding some interesting written free content, but I’m in trouble with my old microphone. It’s worse than ever! rsss…
I’m trying to buy a usb headset, but I just discovered they are not very common in Brazil… but I guess I will be able to find one with some more patience and time to search for it…
I’m looking forward to my first event as a tutor, too!!!