Some more Portuguese content for you

I just put 3 small fragments of an interview about Amazonia in the Portuguese library. I would like that you let me know about the sound quality. I really hope it is enough, because I changed my mic and I guess my sound card can’t give me more than this…

Hi Ana,
I cannot understand your words for not learning this language but I can judge a little the sound quality.
I think your mouth is too near by the mic and I could hear some cracking and clicking.
Could you try again with a little more distance to the mic? Perhaps you are able to bend a little the mic.

Hi, Irene
I was using the normal distance of the headset. I tried other distances also, but with poorer results. There are some weird artifacts because I needed to use the noise removal of Audacity, but my voice is being captured in a very low level, so the noise is almost at the same level and is hard to remove. I used the highest microphone input volume, but still can’t get a good quality. I very upset and frustrated with all this. I bought a good usb headset, its output sound quality is very, very good, but I can’t capture sound decently. I’m trying now and then to find some aid in tech foruns, but I guess my sound card is the great vilan here and then I can’t see a solution for this in the near future… let’s see, maybe I find a workaround for this in some obscure forum around there.
Thanks for helping, anyway.

Hi Ana,
first I’ve the same problems. But in the settings for Audio I’ve found an Option “extendet” for the microphon settings. And there is an option “microphon amplifier”. I translate these words from German. I don’t know if there exactly these terms used in English. After activatin the amplifier, my micro works very good with Audacity. After that I use only a input of 0.4 at Audacity.

Vera, it seems my microphone has less options, I couldn’t find anything similar here.
But I guess I have good news. Well, after a lot of drivers reinstalation, and internet search for tips, it seems the major problem was that the internal mic was not being automatically turned off. Can you believe that? I guess I was a little sleepy yesterday… rsss…
I turned it off manually and finally I could make a small test much better. Afff…
I have still some noise background that I think I won’t be able to remove, but at least now my voice is louder and clearer… I will now redo the recordings of the “Amazonia” items soon. I’ll let you know when it’s done.
Thanks a lot!

I’ve updated the sound file of the first part of Amazonia. I still had to perform some noise reduction, which generates some small artiticial artifacts. To me they are almost imperceptible now, but I would really like other opinions.

Hi Ana, there is a wonder:
Your collection has 4 parts but when I choose the “Take” button for all, I have 5 on my Workdesk. Part 3 is double - the one is louder than the other.

Part 000 is cracking again, the others are really better - if I take the better from part 3

The library must have become crazy with so many uploads… rsss… I’m going to check this up and if needed I will delete everything and start again… Thanks for your patience!

Irene, can you remove it from your workdesk so I can completely delete it?

Yes Ana, I did it :slight_smile:

Thanks Irene.
I have upload it all again, and checked the new audios. I hope they are ok this time…