Some Lingqs not marked in iLingq app on iPhone 4S

Hi, can you please help with this trouble?
I create lingqs in my lesson on my Mac.
Then I open the same lesson in iLingq app on my iPhone 4S and … some of the lingqs are marked in yellow but some are not!
The interesting thing is that when I delete all the lingqs in the given lesson on my Mac again (they naturally disappear from the iPhone as well) and then I create them again, the pattern on my iPhone looks the same (i.e. exactly those lingqs that were marked previously are marked again, but the others are not).
Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug in the app?
Thank you

OK, it seems I found the pattern: those lingqs that are followed by a comma or period are not marked in iLingq app. I should say I`m studying German lessons. I will check other languages.
In addition to that … German substantives are written with the first capital letter. The lingqs do not expect that (could that be improved?) but on top of that in iLingq app all the substantives that are lingqd change the first letter from a capital to a minuscule letter …very annoying - this should definitely be repaired.

I found the same bug in the Italian lessons - those lingqs that are followed by a comma or a period simply do not appear in the iLingq app. Apparently, it is the application bug. Could someone from Lingq let me know that you are aware of that and when it is going to be repaired? Thanks! Tomas

I have seen this too.

Same problem on the web site: German substantives with first capital letter appear randomly (?) with or without capitals, and the contrary too. Changing it in “Edit” doesn’t help, words get again their (wrong) capital/minuscule.

We will look into the issue with the missing highlighting on iLingQ. Thanks for adding the detail about words followed by punctuation. We will follow up on this. The issue with capitalization is a trickier issue but one we are aware of. We don’t yet have a good solution for it.

Thank you Mark,
the capitalization issue for me is just a minor thing.
The punctuation one is however a bigger problem which makes otherwise perfect iLingq app almost useless.
Could you please let me know if fixing this bug is question of days or rather weeks?
Thank you!

@ tomasvet - It certainly won’t be days as it takes quite a few days just to get a new version accepted and available for download from the app store. We will look into the issue in the next few days and see what we can do. In the meantime, I don’t think we need to be overly dramatic about the issue… :slight_smile: Yes, a few words don’t show up highlighted in yellow but they still show in your flashcards and the app has lots of other great functionality.

Mark, while I can understand that the app store process takes some time, I would not underestimate the issue. In the given German lessons it is approximatelly one quarter of all the words which makes the text difficult to understand. And being able to study the lessons on my iPhone is the main and actually only reason why I pay the monthly fee. I will appreciate if you keep me updated how it goes. Thanks for otherwise great learning tool. Tomas

I have just installed the 2.1 version of iLingQ and I have a problem with my Polish Daily LingQs. I have 50 for each of the past five days, but if I click on any day, I get an error message that says there are none. What’s wrong? I have iOS 5, if it can matter.

Is it only with your Polish LingQs? I just tried and it seems to be working fine. I didn’t test with Polish, though, since I don’t have any LingQs of the Day for Polish.

Now only the Daily LingQs of November 12 and 13 are working. I can’t try other languages because Polish is the only one for which I receive the LingQs of the Day.

Maybe I should mention that I’m not using an iPhone 4S, but just a 3rd generation iPod touch. I wrote my message here to avoid opening a new thread.

Is anyone else having problems with the LingQs of the Day in the app? I’ll keep an eye out for anything that may be causing this…

Thanks, Alex!

@tomasvet, dooo, jpljpl and others - Sorry for the long delay but we have just updated the iphone app and the issues with capitalization, punctuation and missing LingQs should now be resolved. We have also made status 4 LingQs grey underlined instead of highlighted in yellow. Enjoy!