Some lingq hints are not showing in lesson

In the picture below for example the words “Por” and “Cómo” aren’t showing in yellow colors although I’ve created hints for them. And I can’t even click on them so that the hints show up on the right side of the page. It’s only me that is beset by this bug or anyone else also experiencing this?

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This is also happening to me on the french “who is she” series. It’s a bit frustrating. The only way I can pass a lesson with all lingqs complete is to import them manually via the vocab page. :frowning:

Even after I import them manually, they still don’t show up as a lingq on the page.

Edit: Appears to happen mostly with hypens: example: Laissez-moi.

I am getting something similar when working with Russian lessons. There the problem seems to be with hyphens for example что-нибудь.

Yes, happens to me too. Once in a while I notice a word that’s not highlighted but that I don’t know. And when I try to make a hint for it nothing will happen.

Sorry about that everyone. We do have a few bugs after our moving on new servers, and we are doing our best to fix them all as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience!

This issue should be fixed now. Please check and let us know if everything works fine for you.
@neofight78 You should be also able to create LingQ from hyphen separated words now. Please check. Thanks!

it’s working for me now, thanks.