Some lessons don't underline sentences


I came across an issue with the underline feature, which underlines the text currently spoken. I have it set so it underlines the sentence currently read, but it doesn’t work for all imported lessons.
I tested it on two different lessons, both of which I have imported myself already a while ago by importing the text and both of which come with audio. However, only in one lesson the underlining works, not in the other.

Maybe someone has an idea what is going on?!


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Hhm, it appears that the timestamps weren’t generated for the lesson or they were somehow flawed. I thought that timestamps would be generated automatically after import. Is this not the case anymore or do they just don’t work sometimes?

EDIT: Is there a way to regenerate the timestamps for a complete course? It is a bit cumbersome to have to do this for each lesson individually.

You can use this python script to timestamp an entire course

Excuse the ignorance, but how do I use the script?

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Easiest way I can think is to use Google Colab

I’ve uploaded the script there. You just need to enter your own LingQ cookies, change the courseId and language when you run it.

To get your cookies, see here

Another option is to use the API key from here:

And pass it into the header:

KEY = "1234"
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "Authorization": f"Token {KEY}"

If you’re regularly using the API you could also put it in an envirionment variable for example.

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Great, that is much easier. I’ve added a version of the script on-top with your method.

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