Some issues after upgrading android


I’ve come across a few issues after upgrading Samsung/android:

1.When I click on a Spanish word I only here the word with a strong English accent and not on Spanish as before.
2. When I click on a Russian word, I can’t here anything. Before the upgrading I did here.
3. Before as well after the upgrading it is impossible to here Swedish words.

By writing “Upgrading” I mean upgrading the OS.

I’ll appreciate your help.

Thanks and regards.


Hi y1w,
I am sorry to hear that. Which Android version you have on your device after upgrading?

Deleted by Mistake.

After Upgrading I have Android Version 5.0.1.

In addition I can’t reset the Swedish Course.


Thanks for additional informations y1w, I’ll check this with our Android developer.
Just to confirm, are you using Android app, or you are using LingQ website version on your Android device?

Thank You.

Sorry for the delay…
I am using the application