Some Importing/Dictionary Features Missing (iOS)

I have been experiencing some importing/dictionary hurdles so I decided to create a post outlining some features I would love to see fixed and implemented;

  • I am using the iOS app and have found the when I use the google search option in the dictionary I cannot go backwards when I have clicked into a website, this makes browsing for translations across various websites difficult.

  • I like to use Wikipedia and I have noticed when I share a particular article straight from the Wikipedia app, it does not automatically grab the title in the import feature. Also a feature I would love to see implemented with Wikipedia articles is that it would be nice if the import option retains the same content structure found throughout the original article…such as headings and sections. I have noticed it imports all the article text but lumps them altogether. Notoriously headings get thrown in-between sentences making it hard to decipher which sections of the original article I am reading in.

  • Sometimes I like to use the Ecosia search engine and I have found when I import content, it never obtains the title and url from a webpage. I have to always open the webpage in Safari and import it from there.

Kind Regards.

Thanks, I’ll let our developers know.

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Thank you :+1: