Some ideas to improve the LingQ vocabulary section

Some annoyances that could be improved:

(1) The A-Z sort does not sort correctly from A to Z.

(2) There is no way to find easily LingQs with an empty hint.

(3) If I deselect status 1 to 4, the system selects all automatically.

(4) The vocab table display does not show on which page I am.

(5) Some LingQs start with an uppercase letter without any reason, and I am unable to correct/change this.

I also would like to know: what triggers the blog page in Friends section? My blog doesn’t appear (it’s on Posterous)…

Hi Hans-Peter,

Thanks for the message. I’ll respond to each item individually:

(1) Can you give a specific example or provide a screenshot of this so we can have a better idea of the problem?

(2) Is this regarding LingQs in English or other languages? Also it would be great if you could be a bit more specific on what the issue is and what feature you would want.

(3) Are you referring to the “Filter by status” feature on the right-hand side? I just tried and I see what you mean. However, I wonder what the purpose would be for doing this. Is it to clear the page of all words?

(4) Which vocab table are you referring to? A screenshot would do wonders to help explain the issue.

(5) We’re aware of this issue and have it on our list of things to do :slight_smile:

Also, regarding the blogs, they are listed based on the post date, meaning the most recent appear first. Your blog should appear (and we know that because many other members use Posterous as a platform for blogging), but I notice that it isn’t. We’ll look into that.

Thank you, Alex, for your answer.

I try to be more precise:

Re: (1) I sorted all my French vocabulary by A-Z and went to the last page (page 40). I expected to see vocabulary items (LingQs) beginning with “y” or “z”. But I see “alpinistes”, “Saint-Bernard”.
See screenshot:

Re: (2) If the hint in a LingQ is empty - this happens if forget to enter one - you have no means to filter and find these LingQs easily. Sort by hint would solve this.

Re: (3) Sometimes I filter by Status and have only activated one status - say 2. Now I want to see only Status 3 items. I deactivate 2 and want to activate 3. But in in fact the system activates 1,2,3,4 automatically.

Re: (4) In the same screenshot you are not able to see on which page you are (it’s page 40, but where can you see this easily?).

If there still questions, I will be happy to answer them.
Maybe other users of LingQ can post their opinions and ideas about the vocab page here?

Hape, As for number 4. I’ve mentioned this before. Its not only in the vocab page its pretty much anytihng that contain page numbers ie: Vocab page , this forum etc… As far as i can tell the only way to know which page you’re on is to look at the URL bar in your browser. It should say “/?page=40” or something like that. A bit annoying =p. I wish they would fix it so that the page you’re one The number gets 2 sizes bigger and bolded. Until they decide to update this you’ll probably just have to look at the URL bar…

Thank you for the screenshot. It’s much easier to see what you are referring to :slight_smile:

(1) is clearly a bug that we will add to our “To Do” list. Thanks for reporting it!
(2) is a feature that we’d like to add, so hopefully we can get around to that some time in the near future.
(3) is also an unexpected result, but for now you can just select 3 then deselect 2 and it should work fine.
(4) will get attention hopefully soon, but in the meantime you can look at the URL to find the page you are on.

We welcome all feedback, so if anyone else has ideas, opinions and/or suggestions with regard to the Vocabulary section (or any other section for that matter) then feel free to post.

To add on, maybe it would be nice to someday be able to see the words you have “learned.” They could be ordered by their frequency even.

@Lilitu - All status 4 words are theoretically words you have learned. You can just show these words.

Ohhh. I’m still a free member. I delete the Lingqs I don’t need anymore. And everyone else can keep all their Lingqs to mark progress. More the reason to upgrade.