Some feedback on the Lesson page and reader

So I have to say that as a several-year user of LingQ, I am frustrated with the new layout that arrived with the 5.0 update. I don’t scan the user forums religiously, so I’m sure some of the things I’m about to highlight have been highlighted before, but it can be good to keep things in the mind of the folks who work on the site. Or maybe I haven’t dug around enough and the stuff that frustrates me can be turned on/off…

Please note this is entirely about the computer-based version, not the app.

First, I find the “Lessons” page to be not as good as it could be.

a. Even though I have Russian set to only show Intermediate 2 thru Advanced 2 material, “Getting Started” and the Mini-Stories are still there. Beginner 1-2 material. I would love to know how to make them go away if I can.

b. On languages that I’m more of a beginner in (Greek, Italian, Ukrainian), I want to see native LingQ content, not stuff from Youtube or other external sources that it wants me to import. However, a large chunk of my lesson feed in any language is stuff from external sources, generally 30-50%. I know that some languages have a lot less native LingQ content than others and may therefore have more external stuff, but is there a way to prioritize stuff already loaded on LingQ and make the other stuff not populate, or populate much less?

c. I’m not a huge fan of the “topic bar” layout design. As I recall, LingQ 4.0 had buttons on the left that you could click that would bring up lessons from that particular topic, and aside from that I don’t remember how the lessons were laid out, but I remember it being pretty easy to find interesting stuff. Now, not so much. Right now, I either have to keep clicking the arrow on the right within a bar, or select the “View All” button on a particular bar, which inexplicably shows them in a single line on top of each other instead of some kind of grid. Also, only here (that I know of) can I specify that I want to see LingQ internal vs external stuff. This capability should be on the main lessons page. I think that a better approach would be to have buttons near the top of the main page for each topic (travel, lifestyle, history, etc), and then when you click on them, the lessons/courses from that topic show up in grid fashion in similar size to how they do in the lesson page now (I can throw together a powerpoint to show a proposed layout if Zoran or someone like that wants it; I’m relatively good at creating slides).

d. If the topic bar layout has to stay, which I assume it does because I’m sure it’s really complicated to adjust the entire website layout and interface, the layout takes a while to show all the material I said I’m interested in. I highlighted seven topics that I want to see, but I have to sift through stuff like What’s New, News Feed, Trending, Mini Stories, and Guided Courses, which rarely have anything I’m interested in, before I hit all seven I asked for. Can I turn these off or manually move them around?

e. I don’t feel that the layout supports quickly finding courses I’ve liked. Any lesson I recently did will show up at the “continue studying” bar at the top, so I can click the “course” button to get at the course relatively quickly if I recently did a lesson from that course, but it would be nice to have a “liked courses” or “my courses” tab or something to quickly navigate to courses instead of having to potentially dig through the “continue studying” bar if it’s been awhile since I did anything with that particular course. It would be good if liking a lesson automatically added that entire course to the tab, and then I have the option to remove the course later if I want. Maybe some of this is already possible and I just don’t know?

Second, I cannot edit lessons where the text and audio clearly do not match. The best that I can do is report it and hope that someone else comes along and adjusts it. I used to routinely (and carefully) correct transcripts where the audio and reading don’t match, but now I can’t do anything. Or at least in the last several lessons I found with obvious typos or entire sentences repeated in the transcript, I couldn’t. I know that sometimes the difference may be intentional (i.e. President Zelenskyy uses a Russian word during his speech, but the transcript has the Ukrainian word), but I think those instances are not common.

Third, when in the reader, the color pattern on the definition widget on the right naturally draws my eyes to the middle of the widget when I click on a word I’ve already LingQed instead of at the top, where the definition I selected is. In the light theme at least, I think the top of that widget needs to be darker and the middle of the widget lighter so that your eyes are automatically drawn to the top because of the difference. As it stands, the darkest part is the middle, which therefore draws the eye.

I do love LingQ and always sing its praises when I encounter someone trying to learn a language (which is frequently in my line of work; four people that I know of have LingQ accounts after I showed it to them). I hope this comes across as constructive criticism, not an attack. I want LingQ to continue to grow, and I look forward to what the future holds. Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated. Will forward it to our team. We’ll do our best to keep improving.