Some Cultural Questions for Speaker of Brazilian Portuguese

I’m happy to see that there are some active Brazilian members here. I hope that someone may be able to help me.

I know a little Portuguese, but I have never been to Brazil. It’s a long story, but I won’t bore you with the details.

Learning another language in a country where it is not spoken puts me at a disadvantage because I don’t know a lot of the cultural aspects of the language.

Brazilian Portuguese speakers often praise my writing, “You write like a native speaker. I can’t tell any difference.” or something like that, but I feel uncomfortable because I don’t feel I write well in Portuguese at all. Is this just Brazilian culture? Do they praise everyone in such a lavish/elaborate way?

I am careful. I try to write as well as I can and spell correctly. I try to follow grammar rules I read in a basic grammar for beginners and any other rules I’ve picked up along the way.

What can I say in Portuguese to elicit some correction of my grammar, unnatural usage, etc.?

I don’t want to be just comprehensible, I’d like to do my best.

Thank-you for reading this:-)

Most brazilians don´t write well in Portuguese, so they might be saying that just because you can express youself, it is a good writing, when in fact it´s not so good…
It´s depends if you wrote a long text or just few sentences, but generally it´s very easy to see if a Portuguese text was written by a native or not.

I see. That’s what I thought, thank-you.