Some courses not shown in Import add-on

Hi, when I try to import any video from Youtube, I only see some of my courses as options to “Import into.” I was able to import a Youtube video today using the Add New Course option, but now I want to add another video to that same course, which I can’t find listed in the Import tool add-on. I am using Firefox browser and studying Chinese language. Thanks!

Do you have a level assigned to that course? If no, please do so and then give it another try.

Hi zoran, thanks. I tried assigning a level to a course (as well as to the lesson within the course), and yet that still doesn’t work. The only “Import To” options that show up in the dropdown list are “Default”, “Quick Imports”, and a few courses I created from Netflix. None of the courses I imported from YouTube show up in the list at all, even if I assign a Level, add a Source URL, add descriptions, and add tags. Anything else I should try?

Thanks Alicia, we are working on it.
A current workaround for this is to simply type the name (or copy/paste) of the course in the box and it will be imported to that course. We will look into having the course name show up in the list immediately - currently it appears in the list only after the second time a lesson is added to it.

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