Some corrections

Hi Mark,

Since my wife is active as a Russian tutor, we notice that there is something to improve in Russian translation (wrong grammar cases and so on). If you could make the correction possible for us we would do it. Should we list the words and phrases which are to correct?

Hi Jurgen,

There seems to be a problem with the language-editor at the moment otherwise it is always available for you to make changes. We will try to get it fixed in the next few days.

Hi Mark,
There are some mistakes in Russian translation of the sentences: " На бесплатном плане диступном только 100 линков. Чтобы сосдать больше линков необходимо повысить свой План."
The first sentence sounds a bit wrong. In my humble opinion it would be better to write: “Бесплатный план предусматривает создание ограниченного количества линков - не более 100.”
As for the second sentence, such a word as “сосдать” doesn’t exist in the Russian language. I guess the word “создать” was meant instead.

Sorry, didn’t notice one more mistake in the sentence “Вы достигли вашего лимита на линки.”. It sounds better “Вы достигли вашего лимита линков”.

@ tevija - Please go ahead and make those changes in our Pootle translation tool. I see you are already a contributor there. You can simply search for the string you identified and change it. Email me at if you have any questions.